Hippocamp Here I Come

This will be my second year in a row attending Hippocamp put on by Hippocampus Magazine in Lancaster, PA. I got so much out of last year that I have to go again. Not only did I meet some amazing writers, but all (save one) of my workshops were a gold mine. I figure those aren’t bad odds. Hippocamp is for non-fiction writers of all types.

I attended one workshop about how to create an essay collection, and I just found myself explaining it to a member of my writing group the other night. One thing I learned in that workshop was how important it is to get some of the essays published as stand alones before attempting to submit a collection. Good advice. I also learned that I needed business cards. I now have some to give people when I’m speaking with them. I don’t need gobs of cards, but having them is better than not. I didn’t know any of the attendees last year, which can be a bit intimidating for me. However, I met several people and have stayed in contact with them. I’m excited to see them and some of my fellow workshop mates from Disquiet in Lisbon.

Most of the time my husband isn’t encouraged to attend my writing trips, for good reason I’d hide behind his more outgoing personality. However, Hippocamp charges a small fee for the meals and Keynote speakers for guests who will not be attending the rest of the workshops. That way I get to eat meals and see the speakers with him. It’s important to me to include my partner in this part of my life, as well as carve space for myself.

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