All about me

My name is Christy O’Callaghan, and I’m new to writing. My dream has been to write since I was a little girl, but after I graduated from Hampshire College, I spent 15 years struggling with an illness that progressively got worse.  A few years ago, I had surgery that fixed the problem, and I was able to start writing again.  I’m meeting the most amazing and generous people along the way and am so happy to have my words out of my head and on paper. 

You can find the links to various publications I’m in on this website, and I will be keeping a blog about my experience in the writing world as an over 40 just getting started writer.  I hope to hear from you and want to know about your experience as well. 

Along with writing, I also work with incarcerated adults on job skills and help them with finding work and continuing their education.  I’m a trained Community Organizer and Educator.  I’m a reader (which is a kind of a given), artist, gardener, hiker, snowshoer, long-distance swimmer, and sea glass collector.  I live with my husband and my two kitties in a small house in Upstate, New York.