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A Developmental Editor supports writers by reviewing book-length projects or short pieces and providing feedback on the structure, character development, plot, voice, dialog, flow, and pace. For example:

  • The character’s consistency in voice and actions
  • Correct tenses
  • Point of view
  • Extra sections that aren’t serving the larger piece
  • If the book, story, or essay starts in the best place
  • Any inconsistencies within the plot

Developmental Editing is best used once a writer has taken their work as far as they can and want throughout and honest feedback. Use a Developmental Editor well by making the work as clean and error-free as possible, allowing the focus to be on the other elements of the story/novel and not on spelling or punctuation. A Developmental Editor will offer line edits as they see them.

Developmental Editing includes reading, commenting, and completing an editorial letter takes time. As does incorporating feedback. Don’t wait until the last minute. Give yourself and your work the time it deserves.

Working together

If it’s time to work with a Developmental Editor, or if you simply want to ask questions, there is a form to fill out and submit at the bottom of the page. I look forward to speaking with you.

Here are some guidelines for working with me.

To best help a writer achieve their goals, whether to submit to a publisher/publication or a project for the family, please include a brief paragraph about the vision and goals in the document. This will help me focus my developmental edits toward meeting your goals.

Manuscripts must be in a Word doc or docx: double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman.

Track changes for line edits and embedded comments will be made directly on the document. These will include line edits.

A copyedit is recommended once all rewrites are complete.

An editorial letter with big-picture comments will accompany the document when returned. An optional one-hour Zoom chat will be held based on comfort level.

I work with fiction, but not fantasy, romance, or mystery. I work with CNF, but not academic papers, scientific papers, technical, or articles.


Short Story/ Personal Essay

With shorter pieces, every word counts. The rate is $.04 per word.

Full Novel/ Short Story Collections

Book-length projects. Longer projects are priced at $.04 per word. Second read-throughs are $.05 per word. Third read-throughs are $.06 per word.

First Chapter/ Single Chapter

The crucial first chapter or one that needs a little nudge. The rate is $.04 per word.

Sample Edits

This is a chance to see if we’re the right fit. Send 1000 words from a full-length book for a fee of $40 to see if my style is the best for your work. Your creation is important and deserves an editor who understands and sees your vision.


“Christy O’Callaghan edited my first book of poetry. Her direct and truthful style made it a very pleasant process. She pushed me to be concise and intentional with my words while staying in alignment with their message. I look forward to working with her on more projects in the future. She is timely and professional, and she communicates well.”

Nakeesha C. 101 Untitled Pieces

“It comes naturally to Christy to encourage and invest in other writers’ stories. Incisive and kind, and thoroughly enthusiastic about the music and magic of words, she has an ear for what naturally resonates in a draft. Along the way, she reminds you that it is beautiful and inspiring to be a writer, no matter where you are in your journey.”

Jenn H.

“Christy is an exceptionally gifted writer. My experience with her work has always left me impressed not only with her literary skill but with her capacity for her writing to evoke compassion and connection in her reader. She’s a rare artist, one who can express herself with vulnerability and yet maintain the artistry of her craft. It’s difficult to do both, and Christy walks that line exquisitely. Her gifts at editing are no less impressive. Christy is a careful and thoughtful reader, one who can critique with both kindness and precision. She is careful to point out the strengths in a piece so that the writer knows what’s working and can build on it, yet she is also able to provide insight into how the piece can be improved. All this she does with the expertise of a seasoned mentor. She feels a responsibility to help a writer realize their potential, both in their art and in themselves, a commitment that benefits anyone who works with her.”

Naomi K.

“As a writing guide, Christy has a way of bringing out the extraordinary. She has a keen eye for the strange and significant detail, a gut sense for the big picture, and the skills to help bring it all together. Christy’s enthusiasm for storytelling, her natural sense of wonder, and her expertise as a guide all combined to help conjure the magic—both in my story and in the workshop environment.”

Vix G.

“I’ve worked with Christy O’Callaghan as an editor and author. Her dedication to building, uplifting, and sustaining a vibrant writing community is both inspiring in its success and infuriating in how easy she makes it. I mean this literally. I’ve seen her jump into a conversation with a new author she’s never met before and, in two minutes, was providing that author with advice for pursuing workshops and publication venues based on that author’s interests, experiences, and writing goals. This isn’t networking but straight-up kindness for other writers. She shows up as a writer and reader. She sees community-building as a way of life, not just as a tool. It’s actually kind of spooky.”

Keene S.

“Christy’s grasp of story, on how language is being used, on the heart of the narrative, is simultaneously incisive and generous. She is  incredible in guiding a writer’s work to  achieve its intention.”

Tayyba Maya K.

“I think anyone who takes Christy’s class will be inspired to write strange stories infused with magic. Sometimes it takes a writer/teacher who has delved into such mysterious tales to lead the way. Christy knows her “stuff” and the way. I’d go anywhere with her.”

Connie W.
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