One Week to Disquiet!

I’m preparing for the 2-week Disquiet International Literary Program in Lisbon next weekend.  I’m nervous.  I feel as if I’m this newbie walking into a group of amazing and talented writers.  I feel that way each time I’m about to join in any writing experience.  It’s true though, I am a newbie, but so far it’s been a learning experience that I’ve gained so much from that it’s worth the weeks of nervous tummy and trying on different outfits and reading everything I can. I know I’m starting a lot later than other people, but it’s okay.  I’m working, and I keep putting myself out there. I figure it’s like playing tennis; you always play against people that are better than you; it’s how you get better.  I keep forcing myself in scary and intimidating situations in hopes of improving my craft and learning from amazing and generous writers.

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I'm a writer living in Upstate New York. My work's appeared in Perspectives Magazine, Saved Objects Collection, in the anthology Before They Were Our Mothers, and in The Sonder Review. I'm a member of the Hudson Valley Writers Guild and received second place in their 2018 non-fiction contest and was a 2019 Slippery Elm Prose finalist. I attended the 2018 Disquiet Residency and was awarded a scholarship to the 2019 Disquiet Conference in Lisbon. You can also find articles I've written on Women On Writing.

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