Straddling Two Worlds of Crime and Mystery Writing with Frankie Y. Bailey

I had the pleasure of interviewing Frankie Y Bailey for WOW! Women on Writing’s Dark and Twisty issue.  If you’re like my mom and have a love of mystery writing, this is the issue for you.  My husband gave me a copy of Frankie’s book The Red Queen Dies a few years ago as a Christmas gift, and I loved it.  The book takes place in Albany, NY, which I live outside of, and I learned about the Yellow Brick Road that runs through the city.  My husband’s uncle lived near it, so I had a chance to check it out, which is very cool.  Frankie is a fascinating person, and I could have filled volumes with her life story.  She teaches, writes fiction, and nonfiction.  As Frankie and I were working on her interview, I had the chance to meet her at the UAlbany Bookfest.  It was exciting to meet in person.  To read about this interesting woman who has made her life about crime, please go to:

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